Wallace Berry Thermal Top – White, Used


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This military issued, cold weather, thermal version of the Henley shirt is made from a 50% cotton / 50% wool blend. It has full length sleeves, and a two-button neck. It is designed to be worn in temperatures between 14°F – 68°F. These shirts were issued to soldiers and the field and are in used condition.

  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • These are Vintage from the 80’s
  • Wool Cotton Blend
  • Long Sleeve and collar-less neck
  • 2 button “Henley” front

Military P/N: MIL-U-43262

The Henley is a collarless, pullover t-shirt with a buttoned neck. This allows you more freedom in adjusting how tight the neck is.

History of the Henley

The most famous early wearer of the soon-to-be popular Henley undershirt was the well-known actor, Wallace Beery. He wore the Henley undershirt in so many movies, that the undershirt was called by his name. The Henley became popular after GI’s started coming back from Vietnam with the military issued undershirt. The new adopters, having spent their early years hearing their parents call it the “Wallace Beery Shirt” continued with that name for a while. Eventually it reverted to just being called a Henley, but for those in the know, it will always be a Wallace Beery shirt

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