US Navy GOB Sailor Hat


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Hit the high seas (or beach) with this authentic Navy classic

  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Designated for enlisted men
  • Mil-Spec: A-A-55108, MIL-H-87041
  • Heavy cotton twill fabric on the main body

USN Genuine Issue gob hats are a great gift for ex-military or military enthusiasts.

You won’t have to join the Navy to wear this classic-style sailor hat. This “dixie cup” or “dog dish” white hat is one of two classic styles worn by sailors in the US Navy. It is worn “four blocked” to create a square appearance with the edges slightly rolled. Since white is a highly reflective color, these hats were sometimes dyed dark blue and other colors were often used to identify a sailor’s duty station.

While commonly called a “gob hat” the phrase does not appear to have ever been used by the US Navy, even though it is the most popular name for this style of naval hat.

These solid white gob hats are original US Navy surplus and are un-issued. Grab one while supplies last!

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