S7 Layer 7A Fire-Retardant Hard Shell Pants


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It’s as if New Balance read your mind!

  • Loose fit
  • Fire retardant
  • Lightweight tri-laminate
  • Breathable and water repellant
  • Fully Seam sealed and waterproof
  • Zipper front fly closure with snap top
  • Reinforced seat for durability
  • Zippered bottom leg openings
  • Wide belt loops with shock cord for customized fit.
  • Constructed with Brookwood Assault FRX with Defender M
  • Option for Snap-In loft liner for added warmth (not included)

New Balance rolled all your most desired pant features into one great pant when they developed their 7-layer Fire resistant clothing system. This new hard-shell pant, a key part of their layering system, is Berry Compliant and Fire Resistant.

This New Balance loose fitting pant is breathable, water repellant, and designed with plenty of pockets for holding your gear. It’s a workhorse pant that will perform for you year after year. If added warmth is desired, you can always add the NBS7 snap-in loft liner for added warmth (sold separately).

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