Overdyed Cargo Pants, Size Small


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These stylish pants from John Ownbey started off as genuine US Military issue BDU pants. We dyed them and cut off the bottoms to give them a modern style with authentic military “vibes” that are truly unique.

  • Original Military pants made by government manufacturers like Wrangler®
  • 50% Nylon 50% Cotton Twill
  • Cut off hems – can be worn as is, or rolled up
  • Adjustable waist fasteners and button closures for sleeves
  • Manufactured, dyed and styled in the USA

These 6 pocket cargo pants are a true gem in the fashion world. They were originally colored as Desert Battle Dress Uniform informally known as 6 color desert or “chocolate chip” and were issued to troops in the Persian Gulf War and Somalia. We added some style to these rugged pants while keeping to our strict military grade quality standards.

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