Max Grip MX3 Trigger Finger Gloves


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Take flight! New and improved with instrument-friendly features coveted by pilots and crew.

  • Genuine Issue MX3 DFAR Gloves
  • Digitally textured leather palm, fingers and knuckles provide durability and a good grip in all conditions of use
  • Tanning technology keeps leather soft and supple even after repeated exposure to perspiration or moisture
  • Over-water egress or SAR applications: gloves will not lose grip or fit when wet or submersed in water
  • Nomex® Simplex knit construction – a very tight knit structure offering excellent protection from flame, snags, runs and cuts
  • Mil-Spec N303 Nomex® fiber blend: 92% Nomex (fire-retardant material),5% Kevlar® (cut-resistance), and 3% P140 anti-static fiber (to provide safety around fuels, explosives )

Manufactured by CamelBak Products, LLC, specializing in outdoor equipment

Get a grip! If you are seeking an ideal flight glove with excellent fit and dexterity, this US made genuine issue glove is a superb choice. Still manufactured with all the coveted standard features pilots and crew have relied on since its debut in 2004, this newer version was upgraded with an exposed index and middle finger and thumb design. NAVAIR APPROVED and manufactured in the USA in compliance with the Berry Amendment, this newer design allows wearers to access instruments without having to remove their gloves.

This well-constructed, moisture-resistant glove is double-stitched for added durability around exposed fingers and is built to last. The proof? The TMax Grip™ MX3 outlasts FRP2 Flyers Glove by four to six times during military applications. Best yet, the soft and supple quality leather that is used to create this durable glove is especially treated to resist abrasion and will remain soft even after repeated salt water exposure. It is cut-resistant, static-resistant, and snag-run-and cut-resistant. This is most definitely not a delicate glove! It was created to stand up to tough use and endurance by flight crews—and was proudly crafted in the USA.

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