M-65 Field Jacket, Size X-Small




The M-65 is the classic U.S. military field coat. Manufactured by Summit Apparel to military specifications, the Alpha M-65 represents the best in military fashion while retaining its military elements for functional use. The M-65 allows soldiers to carry ammunition and all their gear.

Size: X-Small

  • Cruel weather protection
  • Zippered concealed hood
  • Velcro adjustable sleeve cuffs
  • Made by Summit Apparel in the USA

This water repelling and wind resistant field jacket isn’t just a fashion statement or mere foul weather protection. The M65 field jacket was first issued to soldiers in Vietnam. It’s one tough cookie, too, because it features a 50% cotton/50% nylon (Nyco) shell with 225 lbs. breaking strength. What it did for the soldiers it will do for you, too. It will keep you warm and dry all season long. Wear it with pride

History of Summit Apparel

Summit Apparel was a subcontractor of Alpha Industries in the 1970’s. The reason for this was an increase in the number of armed forces. In addition, the Department of Defense restricted many contracts to companies of 500 employees or less. To meet this requirement, Alpha Industries helped start Summit Apparel to subcontract out the work.

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