French F2 Field Parachute Trousers


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Yeah, we get it – everyone hates the French, but one time wearing these pants and you might start to rethink it. They are made with a wonderful blend of polyester and cotton and are extremely durable yet soft to the touch. The knees are reinforced, and the cargo pockets are secured with 2 snaps.

  • Genuine French Military Issue
  • Poly Cotton Blend
  • Cargo pockets secured with 2 snaps
  • Elastic Cuffs
  • Made in France

The F2 Parachute Trousers were made for use by French personnel in the 1980’s. We have intercepted a few pairs and are passing these on to you. The coloring has not faded, and there is no smell on these pants – rare for something almost 40 years old. There is no indication as to the age of these pants other than a stamp in the waistband.


EU Size 76 28″ waist 29.5” inseam
EU Size 72 26” waist 28” inseam

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EU 72 (26"), EU 76 (28")


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