French Army Wool Neck Gaiter


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These French Army gaiters will stand up for you, battling against cold winters. They are made of high-quality 100% tight-knit wool; their excellent insulation and ability to retain heat will protect your ears, chin, nose, and neck from frigid temperatures, keeping you toasty warm and cozy. These vintage french gaiters are a very well-made, durable old stock from the 1970s.

  • 100% tight-knit Wool
  • Works as a face covering, bandana, or scarf
  • Protects your nose, ears, and neck
  • Lightweight
  • Made in France

These versatile gaiters are long enough to be used as face coverings, scarfs, or bandanas. They are perfect to be used in frosty mornings on your way to work/school or to protect your nose, chin, neck, and ears while skiing, hunting, and fishing. Stay warm in the field with these French Neck Gaiters.

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13", 16.5", 18"


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