Extreme Cold Weather Bunny Boots, Size 8




These Bunny Boots are from the last remaining genuine extreme cold weather boots from this era. Made to similar specs as the Mickey Mouse boots, these will keep you warm and dry even when the temperature is in the negatives. They have a pressure valve to release pressure from the rubber at high altitudes, like in a plane or on a mountain. These boots are ideal for ice fishing, hunting, and other activities that require prolonged exposure to sub zero temperatures.

These boots are new and were never issued!

  • Genuine US Military Issue (NSN# 8430-00-655-5550)
  • Rated to -65° Fahrenheit!
  • Waterproof rubber outside keeps you dry and warm
  • Pressure valve for high altitudes
  • Made in the USA

A common theory on the origins of the name of bunny boots is that they make wearer’s feet look disproportionately large, like Bugs Bunny’s. The extreme cold weather boot is actually nicknamed after the snowshoe hare, commonly found in Alaska. During the fall the rabbits’ fur changes color from brown to white, allowing it to blend in with its winter surroundings. As winter gets closer, more and more rabbits appear with their new white “boots”

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