Don’t Tread On Me Graphic Muscle Shirt


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The Don’t Tread on Me (Gadsden Flag) The Gadsden Flag T-Shirt is a patriotic design printed on a muscle cut shirt. They are made out of a cotton blend to keep you cool even in today’s current political climate. Be proud to be an American!

  • Wear it with pride
  • Crew Neck
  • Muscle cut allows ease of movement and flexibility
  • Printed in the USA

The Don’t Tread On Me (Gadsden Flag) design back to the American Revolution and is still used today. It was created to symbolize to the British that “if you screw with our freedom, we’ll bite you.” And we did. Today the flag symbolizes patriotism, freedom and “‘Murica.” Bottom line: Don’t f**k with our freedom

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Gray, OD


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