Cold Weather Bear Suit Bib Overalls


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The U.S. Bear Suit bib set overall is an excellent government-issue layering set to add to your winter wardrobe. It is designed to be worn under the cold weather bear suit top but great alone as well, it’s made with 100% polyester and fleeced lined for superior warmth. This bib features a zipper down the entire length of both legs and around for easy on and off, black elastic adjustable suspenders with plastic snap-lock clips.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Full-Length Zippers at the Side Seams and a Fly Slide Fastener
  • Adjustable Elastic Suspenders with Quick Release Buckles
  • Component of ECWCS (2nd Layer)

These bibs are designed to stop at the top of the combat boot for ease of mobility and comfort; they do not go down to the bottom of the boot. This bear suit overalls bib is will be great for all outdoor activities like hunting, snowboarding, fishing, camping, etc.

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