Blast And Mine Kevlar Combat Boots


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While we don’t endorse walking in a minefield, if you are going to do it you should be wearing these. These Wellco Blast and Mine Kevlar boots are designed to spread the blast away from your vitals. They are used by soldiers worldwide in highly mine infested areas.

  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • Direct molded midsole
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Flame resistant
  • Made in USA

Black – Model# B213
Tan Model# T213

These boots are unlike anything on the market today. They provide flexibility and comfort while offering serious blast protection. They are designed that if the wearer steps on a mine, the explosion is forced outwards from the point of contact.

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Black, Tan


5W, 6W, 7R, 7W, 7.5W, 8W, 8.5W, 9W, 9.5W, 10R, 10W, 10.5W, 11R, 11W, 11.5W, 12W, 12.5W, 14W


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