Anti-Mine Kevlar® Blast Boots


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These anti-mine over boots are designed to reduce and redirect explosive force. They were manufactured for use by US troops in hostile enemy territory. These are over-boots meaning they are made to don atop of your regular boots and are sized accordingly. (e.g. size 9 boot = size 9 over boot)

  • Kevlar and Nylon
  • Land Mine Blast Protective
  • Direct Molded
  • Anti-Flaming and Bullet Proof Material to Block Impact from Anti-Personnel Mine
  • Absorption Layer to Absorb Momentary Powerful Impact

This Military landmine over-boot is designed to strap on to the boot of your choice. Wellco’s over-boots are designed to be functional in mud, sand and rocks. This over-boot can be worn all day in all terrains while protecting against anti-personnel mine detonation.

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9W, 8W, 7W, 5W, 12W, 11W, 10W


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